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The village of Rowington lies 4 miles North-East of Henley-in-Arden.

This village is dominated by St Laurence's Church, which sits on top of a hill at the centre of the village.

Rowington was the home of one branch of the Shakespeare family during the 15th century.

This picture shows the family's home, Shakespeare Hall.

Local legend claims that Shakespeare wrote As You Like It at Shakespeare Hall.

Shakespeare did own other property in Rowington. A cottage and some land in Rowington passed to his daughter Susanna on his death.

The picture of Shakespeare Hall above, and this one, were taken from the Heart of England Way, a recreational footpath through Warwickshire. 

From the point where the photo above was taken, the Heart of England Way leads up a hill around the right side of the house, and then around the opposite side of the house, which is the front entrance.
But there is no clear view of the house from the front entrance.

This picture, which shows Shakespeare Hall at the far right of the picture, was taken from another footpath, which leads from Rowington to the adjacent village of Wroxall.

Shakespeare's grandfather, Richard Shakespeare, was born in Wroxall, c1500.

The black dots in this picture are cows in grazing pasture.

A view looking across typical rolling countryside towards Rowington Church. 

From Shakespeare Hall, the Heart of England Way leads over some fields to Baddesley Clinton.

The top of the tower of Baddesley Clinton Church is just visible in this picture, where there is a small gap in the trees, just over the gate post with the yellow waymark symbol.

Another view towards Baddesley Clinton, further along the Heart of England way, and with a better view of the church tower.

Beyond Baddesley Clinton, the Heart of England Way leads to Oldeditch, the original home of the Shakespeare family.

The Cock Horse Inn, at Rowington.

This building formerly incorporated the village forge.

This photo was taken some years ago, when the building was an inn. The building is now a private house,

On the Grand Union Canal at Rowington.  

On the Grand Union Canal at Rowington.