Thursday, 10 October 2002

Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley Clinton is a romantic medieval moated manor house, about 7 miles North-West of Warwick.

Baddesley Clinton is in the heart of Arden country. The house is set amongst trees. Behind the house is a beautiful naturalistic lake in a wooded setting.
The moated site of this manor was probably established in the 13th century when large areas of the Forest of Arden were converted to farmland. John Brome, then the Under Treasurer of England, bought the manor in 1438. It passed to his son, and then to his son's daughter, who married Sir Edmond Ferrers. The house remained with the Ferrers family until 1940. Henry Feathers was a personal friend of Sir William Dugdale and William Camden, great historians of the day. The Ferrers family were staunch Roman Catholics, and the house was a refuge for persecuted Jesuit priests. In the 1590s when it became the centre of recusancy and various priest holes were constructed in the house.

The moat is superb - deep and wide, full of water, and with ducks.

Bring your own bread crumbs.

The main feature in the garden is a long dahlia border, which flowers in late Summer.

Beyond the garden is a large lake, in an atmospheric setting.
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