Thursday, 28 July 2011


Claverdon Church and village, viewed from a footpath leading to the village. 

The village green and chestnut tree at Claverdon. 

Another view of the village green at Claverdon, showing the thatched village shop. 



The Old Forge, with its unusual horseshoe-shaped oak beam doorway. 

The Malthouse at Claverdon. 

The Stone Building at Claverdon.

There are various theories about this unusual building. One is that this is the only remaining tower of a great mansion, originally home of Thomas Spencer (died 1630). There is a memorial to him in the village church.

The Spencers were lords of the manor of Claverdon. This is the same Spencer family from whom the late Princess of Wales was descended, although she was not a direct descendent of Thomas Spencer.